We commit ourselves to a guiding principle that embodies our dedication to providing exemplary legal services.


Civil Litigation in Florida At Cooke Carbonell Trial Lawyers, our attorneys have experience representing both individuals and businesses in negligence and liability suits, insurance matters, breach of contract actions, property disputes, and many other areas of civil law.

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Corporation and Partnership Formation Cooke Carbonell Trial Lawyers has considerable knowledge and experience with the various regulations associated with registering and operating a corporation or partnership in the State of Florida.

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For some legal matters, the appropriate venue for a case may be federal court as opposed to Florida state court. At Cooke Carbonell Trial Lawyers, our attorneys have the experience essential to successfully litigate a federal case and obtain the best results on behalf of our client.

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Real Estate

Homebuyer Duties and Rights When buying a home, a buyer must perform the same due diligence in investigating title as would a commercial investor. It is important that a potential buyer obtain an attorney to review the chain of title for the property and ensure that no defects exist.

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Cooke Carbonell Trial Lawyers located in Miami is committed to addressing our clients’ legal concerns by developing effective strategies to successfully resolve disputes through mediation, arbitration, or trial. Our trial experience enables us to thoroughly analyze the legal and factual issues in any matter, and prepare an effective plan of action in a cost-efficient manner.





Very proficient in the field ,that knows how to resolve your matters in a Timely manner and goes that extra mile to settle your needs . I was completely satisfied with them, that I would recommend them to anyone !
Frank M.
Our first impression upon entering the professional offices of Cooke Carbonell Trial Lawyers was the atmosphere of friendliness introduced by the staff, creating an immediate feeling of assurance that we were in the right place. We were not kept waiting for long before we were engaged in an interview with Mr Cooke himself… Within 48 hours the first phase of our problem was legally and positively addressed to our satisfaction.
Lee M.
I would like to give a review to Robert Francis Cooke, Esquire. When I entered his office today, I had lots of questions. He answered everyone of them. I felt that I made the right decision to have him represent me. I know that by me making this decision I am getting the best legal representation. Also, his staff made me feel right at home.
Juan H.
My family suffered a terrible burglary; my property was damaged and the insurance company refused to reimburse me for my personal property and property damages. Cooke Carbonell Trial Lawyers got me $69,000 and the insurance company to pay my fees and costs. Thanks CCTL!
Maria Estrada
I have known the Cooke Carbonell Trial Lawyers for over a year, originally on opposite sides of a case. They are professional, ethical and great lawyers. They can quickly identify the real issues in a matters, come up with a strategy and develop tactics to achieve the desired results. Whether it is real estate, litigation, family law, probate or business issues, I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Myron S.
Excellent trial lawyers!!! Worth every penny, very honest.
Henry Selva
Mr. Cooke and his staff were very professional and thorough in representing me against a dishonest contractor who filed a fraudulent lien against my home. I had never had to file a lawsuit against anyone and it was very stressful for me but Mr. Cooke took charge and assured me everything would work out and it did…..we won the case! Many thanks to Cooke Carbonell Trial Lawyers.
Lynda D.
We attempted to hire about five different lawyers before we found them. Our case was not an easy one and it had already been closed, which is one of the reasons why the previous lawyers did not want to jump in to help us. If you are looking for a team of lawyers with a high sense or urgency, knowledge, honesty, professionalism and empathy for their clients, look no further.
Joey Diaz